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  1. Fact Sheet on Thomas Juricks:
  2. Fact Sheet – What is a Racial Terror Lynching?:
  3. Fact Sheet – What is the PGCLMP?:


How has racial terror against Blacks in America changed over time? This short video connects our tragic racial history to present day conditions. It shows how racial terror has not gone away, it has simply evolved – from enslavement to convict leasing to mass incarceration and from lynching to police brutality and racially motivated intimidation and violence. This is a presentation from the Prince George’s County Lynching Memorial Project (PGCLMP) of Maryland. (

Rooted in Justice was a free webinar centered on racial justice, a collaboration with Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center and Prince George’s County Lynching Memorial Project.

Watch a presentation by Dr. David Fakunle to the Students of Charles H. Flowers High School:

We partnered with the Prince George’s County NAACP on an event about combating lynching. Panelists will discuss the History of African American Lynching in America and the pivotal role the NAACP, in conjunction with other Civil Rights organizations, and individuals played in Advocating and Fighting against it.