Racial Justice Creative Arts Contest

PGC LMP / Joe's Movement Emporium, and Prince George's County NAACP sponsor this contest

The Prince George’s County Lynching Memorial Project, in co-sponsorship with the Prince George’s County Chapter of NAACP and Joe’s Movement Emporium, is pleased to announce a Racial Justice Creative Arts Contest open to Prince George’s County students in grades 9-12. Scholarships totaling $3,000 or more will be awarded to winning participants.


Submissions will be received from November 15 – February 15. Entries must be original creative works that shed light on an historical or present-day racial injustice. (Some suggested topics are listed below.)


Original entries may take the form of creative writing (prose, poetry, spoken word) or visual art (e.g. drawing or painting, sculpture, digital art, photography). All creative writing entries must be 500 words or less, submitted as a word document or .pdf. Spoken word submissions must be in the form of a word document or .pdf transcript of the written text, accompanied by a recorded performance.

Visual art entries should be submitted as a high resolution JPG or PDF image of the original artwork. Sculptures or other three-dimensional entries should be accompanied by 2-4 photos providing multiple views of the work.

All creative art submissions must be accompanied by a completed student entry form and a permission form signed by a parent/legal guardian. Submissions should be sent/uploaded using the form below by midnight of February 15, 2022. Submissions are limited to one entry per student.

Announcement of Winners

Scholarship awards will be disbursed among winners for the best creative writing, spoken word and visual arts submissions and will be announced in February 2022.

Suggested Topics:

Suggested racial injustice subjects inspiring your creative entry:
• Lynchings in Prince George’s County or nationwide
• The Georgetown University Sale of Enslaved People
• Environmental Racism
• White Racists/White Power Groups
• The Struggle to Desegregate Prince George’s County Public Schools
• Segregation in Sports
• Housing Discrimination
• Racial Disparities in Digital Access and its Impact on Quality of Education
• Interactions With Police in Prince George’s County or nationwide
• The School to Prison Pipeline

Note to Parents/Educators/Community Groups

We strongly encourage parents, educators, and those who serve students in community organizations to partner with students, encouraging them to enter the contest and lending them guidance and support during their creative process. Your support can include offering assistance with choosing the racial justice topic to focus on and learning more about it. In the case of creative writing/spoken word submissions, you can provide valuable feedback by assisting with editing the text or critiquing your student’s performance.

Submissions are now closed.